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A8 L

  • 1400x438_0010_AA8_D_131070.jpg

50 TDI quattro tiptronic
104.510,00 EUR

  • Basispreis
    103.400,00 EUR
  • Sonderausstattung
    1.110,00 EUR
  • Preis
    104.510,00 EUR

Brilliant looks. Full of poise and power. The art of progress.

The new Audi A8 L. Supreme power and poise on the outside. And room in abundance on the inside. This is thanks to a wheelbase 13 centimetres longer than on the new Audi A8. The result is convincing: even more exclusive space.

  • 0011_AA8_D_131069.jpg
    Brilliant charisma

    Audi matrix LED headlights aren‘t just a thrilling feature at night. The new lighting technology is quite a spectacle during the day, too, sometimes appearing as light points, sometimes as a dynamic light strip. Individually controllable LEDs. Perfectly adapted to the situation in hand. Showing the way ahead. An impressive sight, time and time again.

  • 0004_AA8_D_131070_55pz.jpg
    Brillian design

    Distinctively structured surfaces. And aspiring to something very special – brilliance down to the last detail.

  • 0006_AA8_131004_1.jpg
    Brillian purism

    Staying true to one clear principle: concentrating on the essential. Not a single line without a function.