Audi Cambodia joins forces with Moet to welcome the first Moet luxury party in Phnom Penh

On June 11th, Moet - the luxury champagne brand from France – celebrates worldwide a special day by taking customers to indulge themselves in a dedicated day of luxury.

Just on that day, Moet customers visiting Audi Phnom Penh showroom will be be welcomed by a glass of Moet champagne. In addition ladies will have be invited into a private nail spa session.

Siem Rep-based creative fashion designer Eric Raisina will unveil in person the new trends in the world of colors, materials, textures. Eric will be provide personal advice for a fashionable and premium outlook for men and women.

„For sure Moet guests will be surprised with the new collection in the unexpeted boudoir set-up in an Audi showroom“ highlights Fashion Designer Eric Raisina.

Premium Italian brand Ducati will also showcase their latest models of motorcycles with large capacity engine Scrambler and Monster.

„Great motorbikes together with great quattro and Moet is an exceptional combination of talents and luxury“ mentions Cristina Tsan General Manager Ducati Cambodia.

Audi Cambodia Chief Diagnostic Engineer will explain and demonstrate the importance of modern diagnostic tools for latest generation Audi models.

„All guests interested in the mechanical side of things will receive first hand information in one to one sessions. This will be the opportunity to get useful tips about how to best use their car in the safest and yet most enjoyable ways“ confirms Owen Ballantine Audi Cambodia Service Manager.

Moet guests will enjoy the exclusive preview of the new great quattro, the Audi Q7 now featuring the new 2.0 liters engine.

The new Audi Q7 exterior with LED headlights expressing self-confidence and stylish interior design received the „Best of the Best“ award for “Interior Premium Brand“ by German Design Council’s at IAA 2015. Delivering 252 horsepower, the great quattro is enjoyable to drive with premium lounge comfort feel enjoyable for all seven passengers. The lightweight design for high quality and fuel efficiency reduced the fuel consmuption down to just 7.4 liters per 100 km.

The all-new Audi Q7 2.0 liters comes with unlimited mileage during two years warranty in Cambodia. Cambodia is the kingdom of the great quattro and Audi Phnom Penh the home of luxury together with Moet on June 11st.

“Audi Cambodia is thrilled to join forces with Moet to make that luxury day which is the champagne brand of choice to celebrate happy moments and even racing victories like the upcoming Le Mans race in France” highlights Antoine Jeanson – Operations Director Audi Cambodia.